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March 2023

Hello <<First Name>>!

I continue to enjoy meeting so many people and I am looking forward to the many continued opportunities coming up to meet even more. I am also looking forward to warm weather and planting season as I am sure most of you are as well!

I was able to conduct my first farm visit this month and am working with several others to set a date to visit their farm as well. I would love to come visit your operation and learn about what you have going on. Please reach out and we will get a date and time on the calendar.

I have gotten the opportunity this month to dive into the Master Gardener Volunteers world and I am looking forward to learning more and working with this great group of individuals. They have some great programing in the works for the 2023 year so be sure to keep an eye out on our website, social media and this newsletter. We also a have group of individuals who are wanting to join this group so we are actively working on setting up a training program for them. If you are interested as well or know someone who is, please have them reach out to us at the office sooner rather than later.

I hope you have a great month ahead and please reach out to us at the office with any questions or for any assistance you may need.


Nic Baumer

Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator

(419) 879-9108

2023 Allen County Ag Outlook and Agronomy Day & 2024 Date Selected

We are so thankful for the generosity of our community and their support in our programs. Today we had roughly 50 community members as well as local FFA and college students. A very special thank you to Nutrien and Alan Davis Insurance for our breakfast and lunch as well as the Allen County Fairgrounds for providing us the facility. We truly couldn't do it without the generosity of ALL of our event sponsors.

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YWCA Basic Gardening Workshop

I enjoyed being with the YWCA in Lima last week educating about some basic gardening skills. Thank you to Master Gardener Volunteer Pam Jospeh for being my co-instructor.


PEST ALERT: The Ohio Department of Agriculture is asking the community to be on the lookout for Spotted Lanternfly. Although it has not been found in Allen county to date, if you spot this pest, please report it. You can learn more here:


PEST ALERT: The Ohio Department of Agriculture is asking the community to be on the lookout for Box Tree Moth. If you spot this pest, please report it. You can learn more here:

2023 Allen County Agriculture, Natural Resources and Horticulture Needs Assessment

Please take a few minutes and complete the Allen County Agriculture, Natural Resources and Horticulture Needs Assessment to help us better serve you in the amazing work you do each and every day. Thank you in advance for your participation! We great appreciate your feedback!

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Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents Survey 2022-2023

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If your private pesticide or fertilizer license expires this year, don't forget to get recertified and return your application back to the Ohio Department of Agriculture by March 31, 2023. See details below for a recertification class being held here in Allen County. Call the office with your questions!

Ag-Link application period is year-round and accepting applications

COLUMBUS – Treasurer Sprague is reminding Ohio farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural cooperatives (co-ops) that the Ag-LINK program is available year-round as they plan for the 2023 growing season.

“With interest rates continuing to climb, Ag-LINK plays a critical role in keeping costs down for Ohio’s agriculture industry,” said Treasurer Sprague. “Thanks to constructive feedback from ag leaders across the state, we’ve taken Ag-LINK to the next level and made it more useful than ever. After a record-setting year in 2022, we’re ready to once again put our balance sheet to work and support even more farmers across the state.”

Through Ag-LINK, farmers, agribusinesses, and co-ops can receive an interest rate reduction on new or existing operating loans. For more than 30 years, the program has helped Ohio’s agriculture community to finance the upfront costs for feed, seed, fertilizer, fuel, equipment, and other expenses.

An eligible borrower:

· Is either organized for profit or as an agricultural cooperative;

· Must have headquarters and 51% of operations maintained in Ohio;

· Must use the loan exclusively for agricultural purposes; and

· Must agree to comply with all program and financial institution regulations.

In 2022, the long-standing program underwent a significant revamp. Treasurer Sprague made the program available year-round to provide borrowers with greater flexibility and ensure they can access capital whenever they need it most. It also makes Ag-LINK more convenient for both crop and livestock farmers with diverse borrowing needs that occur throughout the year. Additionally, legislation passed in accordance with the Treasurer’s Ohio Gains initiative added co-ops as eligible borrowers and removed the outdated $150,000 statutory cap on loan size, allowing the program to keep pace with modern borrowing needs. Loan caps are now assessed and set by the Treasurer’s office on an annual basis.

The loan cap for 2023 has been set at $500,000 and the minimum loan discount for the year’s first quarter is 2.0%.

Following a series of reforms to Ag-LINK, 2022 became a record-setting year for the program. In total, the Treasurer’s office supported nearly 1,900 loans to agricultural businesses across the state totaling more than $362 million. Ag-LINK also saved Ohio’s agriculture community more than $2 million in 2022.

More information on the Ag-LINK program, including how to get started, can be found at

Master Gardener Volunteers 2022-2023 Hort Happy Hour & Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

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22nd Annual Master Gardener Volunteers Art of Gardening Seminar

East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference

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East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference Youth Symposium

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