Addressing Payroll Inquiries

Hello, On behalf of the board and the entire community, I want to start by expressing our appreciation for the work you have done on behalf of the Zephyr Theater. Furloughing staff was an incredibly difficult decision, and we recognize how difficult and disruptive this has been to all of those who worked hard to make the theater operate.

I am writing today to tell you that the theatre cannot make payroll and, as a result, you will not be paid today. Similarly, we will be unable to honor any uncashed checks for pay periods back to August 19th.

I recognize this is unwelcome news that will likely cause stress and real pain in your world; for that, the entire board apologizes profusely. Our first and highest priority is making you whole as soon as possible.

Within the next 30 days - and as soon as possible within that window - the board expects to develop a go-forward plan that includes a realistic and sustainable funding model and an operating plan that is similarly achievable over the long-term. While the details of those plans are yet to be developed, the board knows that the theatre will need strong support from our community of friends and neighbors and from funders that share our passion for community-based art.

In summary, the Board of Trustees is developing and implementing a plan to garner the funds to honor all payroll and we will be issuing payroll checks for the current pay period when we have sufficient funds to meet the obligation.

As an essential member of our community, the board very much wants your participation in developing our plans. To that end, we are holding two forums for employees, both set for Wednesday, October 19th. The first session will be held from 10-Noon and a second from 6-8 pm. Both sessions will take place at a location yet to be determined and are open to all current, furloughed and former staff who have worked for the Zephyr Theatre in any capacity within the last three months. A sign-up email for these events will arrive shortly but we don’t know that we have contact information for all of those who may want to attend. If you know of anyone who may be eligible to attend but not receiving this note, please share this information with them.

I want to end this note where I began it, by expressing my profound regret that the theatre’s financial situation has affected your family’s finances. We will do our very best to make things right and to keep you engaged and informed as we move forward.

Thank you.

Nicole Batelt

The Board of Trustees Chair