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Class Focus

New Course for 2023!

Using your choice from 30 bold applique characters, quick piecing and simple quilting, make either a quilt the size of your choice using a traditional assembly method or the quilt as you go technique, or a playmat or toy tidy (with added handles so that it’s easy to gather up toys and store them away when play time is over) complete with a snuggle cushion and drawstring goodie bag

New dates for good old favourites

We’ve got some new dates for the ever popular one day introduction courses

New Class coming in 2024

How hard can it be to write a quilt pattern?

by Richard Cook, February 2023

We have all probably experienced the frustration of trying to fathom out what a pattern writer meant when they wrote the pattern we desperately want to make. Those who tackled bag making on the ‘Bags of Possibilities’ course last year certainly experienced this. We all cursed the author of this or that pattern as we struggled to interpret their written, and illustrated instructions. Unfortunately, even some of the illustrations didn’t always help. Thank goodness we were able to consult one another, scratch our collective heads and of course ask Joy (who had also struggled to interpret some parts of the instructions).

Last autumn Joy tasked me with writing some patterns for the new Quilting Bee blocks. ‘How hard can it be?’ came my now familiar reply. How hard? Very hard! To say I struggled with this deceptively ‘simple’ task is a massive understatement.

The first task was to research and make some sample blocks, a little time consuming but ultimately successful and satisfying. Then to work out how to change a physical block into a written pattern.

Oh! I could demonstrate the blocks and explain verbally how I made the blocks easily enough but turning those verbal and visual prompts into words proved extremely difficult. Writing instructions for someone who had never seen what they were to make in a way that they could easily and correctly interpret my intentions - that’s another story. Compounding the difficulty of the task is my natural writing style and the proof-reading process.

Machine Service Day – Friday 14th April 2023

It's important to arrive to class with a sewing machine that is in good working order. If you're machine is getting on in years you will need to make sure that it has been serviced regularly to avoid any problems that may spoil your sewing experience in class.

In a world where everything is going up, I’m pleased to report that getting your machine serviced is still good value. Tom has held his prices from last year so give your machine a much-needed wash and brush up ready to tackle the year ahead!!

There will be space available for people wishing to wait for their machines or pop to the local shops (approx 1.5 - 2 hours). Otherwise, when booking, you can arrange to deliver your machine in the morning and be given an afternoon collection time.

Booking is essential as there are limited places available on the day so please book soon to avoid disappointment.

Contact me on 07881 948834 to reserve your place.

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