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Celebrating Joy and Inviting Creativity


For two years, we lived on the road in a converted school bus and travelled full time. I loved it, loved it, loved it! My partner Nick loved it a bit less. Managing three small kids full time in 200 square feet is no joke. Every day, I would go away to my recording studio on wheels and he was left to manage the mayhem. I got it. I get it. Annnd also, when we decided to settle down I was sad. So we agreed to try to travel at least two months a year. Right now we are spending the month of February in Florida and it’s awesome. Being away from the daily routine, shaking things up, seeing new things, meeting new people - I love it. So much. Here is one minute of pure beachy joy.


Navigation told me that our drive here would take nine and a half hours. It took thirteen. We attempted to fill those hours with as many non-screen things as we could - like music! When my kids (all kids?) listen to music they don’t just nod their heads like us uninspired adults do. They really get into the music. You can see them feeling it in their souls while they croon along. It inspired me to pull some music out of the archives of my “childhood” that used to make me feel all the feels. I listened to an Indigo Girls album that I seriously haven’t heard in 20 years. Not only did I know every word on it but I also felt all the angst and gut wrenching, soul filling, emotion of that time in life. It was juicy. What is the band that takes you there?


I've never been a journaler, but I have always been inspired by them. In my mind, they are the people who can beautifully put their thoughts onto paper. They are smart and introspective. They really know themselves and probably they can write poetry. Specifically Haikus.

Somehow I got turned on to The Five Minute Journal at the beginning of January (apparently I am late to this party and it’s all the rage, in every circle - typical). It has been instrumental in creating an effortless habit of journaling for me and also in shifting my daily mindset to a place of gratitude and positivity. Brené Brown said (one time, somewhere, at least I think it was her) that we have a “Not Enough” attitude. We go to bed at night looking at our To Do Lists and say “I didn’t get enough done” and then we wake up in the morning and we say “I didn’t get enough sleep” and that’s the way we go through life. This journal is an antidote to that. Starting every morning with gratitude and thinking about what would make today great - then finishing the day with what really was great. I love it - I would like to buy one for you.

What's bringing you joy this week? Shoot me an email and let me know.
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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
- John F. Kennedy
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