Coastal Virginia District United Women in Faith Quarterly Newsletter
March 2023

Next Quarterly UWF Meeting

March 11, 9:30 breakfast, 10:00 meeting at Lynnhaven UMC, 1033 Little Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. C. R. Brooks will be our speaker. Please RSVP with Marta Pizzeck at with the number attending. A board meeting will follow the 10:00 am meeting.

Marta Pizzeck
Happy New Year and Happy Easter!  2022 was a time of transition with our name and structural changes. But our core purpose has not changed as United Women in Faith for 2023, there is an ongoing call for us to live as disciples and to respond to the needs of women, children and youth. Always working as a sisterhood and adapting and growing as we go along our way. Just as the early members expanded their skills and working together to put our love into action.
I encourage all of you to become very familiar with the National website ( and participate in the Faith Talks and Voices from the Field webinars, they continue to impress me with all the education and ways to stay connected and stay is mission. If you can’t get a chance to attend live, they are recorded and posted on the website and you can listen at your convenience.   Stay grounded in our faith with daily prayer and reading God’s Word, reflecting on his call for us.   Our faith gives us power to maintain our passion for standing up for those that can’t help themselves. 
 I look forward to seeing all in person at our Quarterly meeting on March 11th at Lynnhaven UMC at 9:30.  I’m excited to have Rev. Dr. C.R. Brooks, District Superintendent for the Coastal Virginia District, as our guest speaker.
I always enjoying hearing all of you and what your units are doing to live into our purpose.  Please feel free to email or call anytime. 
Your Sister In Christ,
Marta Pizzeck   757-739-6491

Nominations Chair
Julie Kissell
We are off to a great start with several new board members, and we have a few positions available. Since our board has no representation from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, or Easter Shore, we would love to hear from UWF members in these locations.
Pray about whether God is calling you or someone you know to serve on the district team, and contact me.  Available positions include:  Vice President; Social Action; Spiritual Growth; Membership, Nurture, and Outreach; and Nominating Committee.
Julie Kissell,
Community United Methodist Church


District Mission Coordinator for Program Resources
Lyn McCandlish
That’s the title of the position.  However, you and I know it as the Reading Program for United Women in Faith.  My name is Marilyn McCandlish, better known as ‘Lyn. I have coveted this board position for many years, but up until now, it wasn’t available. When the formation of a new board became necessary, the Nominations chair, Julie Kissell asked me to fill the position, she said it’s just perfect for me. I had just relinquished the presidency of my unit and was looking forward to fading into the background. Well, decisions, decisions. What to do. And here I am. I have always been an avid reader. Ever since I opened up my first reader and unlocked the secret code that told me what was happening with Dick and Jane, what they were saying to each other and that that cute dogs name was spot. I was hooked. It’s been that way all my life. No invention or discovery man has made has come close to the introduction of the written word. It is what separates man from the animal kingdom.
I invite you to download the list of books by going to the website Concentrate on and introduce your circle and unit to various topics so you can open up your world to the wonderful things our missionaries are doing. Receive hope and peace through the stories of others. You can learn from others how to improve your leadership skills, learn about the lives of women who have made a difference in their world and so much more.
Don’t let a limited library at church put you off. Try first your public library. If they are limited, go online and see if you can locate your choice. Try to buy it used and then circulate it among your circle members first and then among your unit. Since I am new, I don’t know all the ins and outs, but I read somewhere the conference has a lending library you might be able to use. More on that when the ins and outs become available to me. So, stay tuned. Whatever it takes, make it work. I urge you not to avoid this opportunity to inform yourself of this resource to become an active and informed Woman in Faith. You will be enriched by it.
If you have any questions and/or suggestions please feel free to email me at

Your United Sister in Faith, 

 ‘‘Lyn McCandlish,
Community United Methodist Church

Link to Reading Program -


Below info is based on an article from: Author: Cat LaPlante

For most communities, we have returned to church with open doors, re-started community, and small groups, and brought new light to various church ministries. This shift unveiled the need for the ability to have services online for some.  How can we prepare for 2023 to make sure that our missions … stay in the forefront?
Some suggestions:
  1. Keep the opportunity for meetings online.
The pandemic made it clear that we needed to meet people where they are with virtual services.  The bonus to this is that more people can participate.
  1. Promote small group meetings.
Get people communicating in person again! Even if the reason we are meeting is for fellowship, whenever believers get together, the Word seems to always be highlighted, even if it’s not spoken.  It’s the light of Jesus that dwells in us that brings life to small community groups or meetings and have a way of building relationships.
  1. Identify your young leaders and engage with them.
Engage with the young adults and youth of your church and help identify who among them would be a good fit to lead or co-lead an event or a gathering. Bringing in and listening to the voices of the generation you are trying to meet and grow will create a healthier church for the future in any year.
 Debi Lupton,
Community United Methodist Church

Mosaic of Faith
We Are All Part of God’s Story
Ilka Vega
Happy New Year Coastal Virginia Division! I am Mary Arnold, your new Education and Interpretation (E&I) Mission Coordinator. I am a member of Lynnhaven United Women in Faith (UWF), Lynnhaven United Methodist Church, Virginia Beach. I have served as E&I with Lynnhaven UWF for ten years, and look forward to working with all of you this year. Some of you may be new to the E&I position, others may have served for several years. 
Over the years, I have found it beneficial to actually work on the Living Into Our Purpose Report throughout the reporting period. If a member of your Unit attends a District event, or Mission Encounter, or Virginia Conference UWF Annual Meeting (either in person or via ZOOM), enter that date with names, etc. into your report. Or if you have someone in your Unit present a program from the 2023 Program Book, enter the date and name of the particular program, or record all Response moments. In this way, you will not feel overwhelmed in July to complete your Report and return to me by August 18, 2023, so I can compile the results in time for our Annual Coastal District Meeting on September 9th.
Encourage your Unit members to participate in monthly Faith Talks or the Just Energy 4ALL webinars, via ZOOM. These are very informative, and often focus on issues such as climate justice, poverty and income inequality, maternal and child health, racial justice, nurturing of our community, etc. which are all a part of our Report. Work with your Program Resources Mission Coordinator in having her promote books from our 2022-2023 Reading List, and your Social Action Mission Coordinator in learning of opportunities to get involved in our priorities.
Strive to qualify as a Five- or Six-Star Unit by contributing to the channels of Mission Giving:
          Pledge to Mission                              Special Mission Recognition
          Mission Giving Cards                       Gift in Memory
          World Thank Offering                      Candle Burning
And encourage members of your Unit to become a Rainbow Giver. Plan to celebrate a United Women in Faith Sunday with your Unit, and invite someone in your community who is involved in social issues to address the congregation, or a District or Conference officer.
“You do not need to work to become spiritual. You are spiritual; you need only to remember that fact. Spirit is within you. God is within you.”  Julia Cameron
Again, I look forward to working with each of you as your E&I Mission Coordinator this year. Attached with this article is the Living Into Our Purpose 2022-2023 Report for your use. If you have any questions, I can be reached at:
Lynnhaven United Methodist Church

Covenant UMC, Chesapeake, VA

Florence Alferes


Unit Information Needed

Please send your unit’s board members information to

Day of Giving

On March 23, United Women in Faith’s annual “Day of Giving,” we celebrate and honor the vision of our foremothers by giving to The Legacy Endowment Fund.  Together, our gifts help carry forward the work those women began for the benefit of future generations of women, children, and youth.  The theme for this year’s Day of Giving is “The Future is Now,” and the first $100,000 in gifts will be matched by the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center.  You are invited to join us at the Virtual Facebook event on March 23 and to celebrate the 154th anniversary by giving to The Legacy Endowment Fund.  For more information, visit or contact

Virginia Conference United Women in Faith
Living into our Purpose (LIOP)
1 September 2022 – 31 August 2023
Our Purpose
United Women in Faith shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Recognition for Achieving Goals in Our Purpose
Living into Purpose Level Total Items to Complete
for Units of >15 Members
Total Items to Complete
for Units of ≤15 members
I – Bronze 8 total items including
4 ✶ items
4 total items including
2 ✶ items
II – Silver 12 total items including
6✶ items
6 total items including
3 ✶ items
III – Gold 18 total items including
10✶ items
9 total items including
5 ✶ items
  • The Living Into Our Purpose (LIOP) form gives us a “blueprint” for keeping on track to accomplishing our goals as United Women in Faith.
  • For such a time as this, we will TURN IT UP!
  • Mark the items you completed.
  1a. Make and meet a Pledge to Mission Giving.
  1b. Include the UWF Purpose at every meeting, in-person or virtual.
    1c. Increase the local organization's Pledge to Mission this year.
  1d. Qualify as a Five- or Six-Star organization by contributing to Five or Six Channels of Mission Giving:
 □ Pledge to Mission    □ Special Mission Recognition        □ Mission Giving Cards
 □ Gift in Memory        □ World Thank Offering                   □ Candle burning
  1e. Have one member become a Rainbow Giver.
  1f. Participate in the United Women in Faith 150th Legacy Fund.
    1g. Observe “A Call to Prayer and Self Denial” with program and offering.
Found in Program Resource Manual and at
    2a. Encourage the practice of spiritual disciplines (e.g., Scripture, prayer, fasting)
  2b. Have at least one Prayer Guide, which can be used at each local organization meeting, in-person or virtual, to pray for mission workers and mission projects for women, children and youth.
    2c. Have at least one member attend a District or Conference Spiritual Life Event, in-person or virtually.  (District or Conference officers who have paid their own way may count toward this item)
    2d. Host or participate in a Childrens Sabbath Service highlighting the needs of the children. (Resource:
  2e. Use at least two programs from the Program Resource.
1.                                                                 2.
  3a. Choose one District or Conference Social Action Priority to work on.
Priority chosen:
  3b. Present a program or initiate a project based on a District or Conference Social Action Priority.
    3c. Have at least one member attend United Methodist Day at General Assembly in February, if held.  
Member name(s):
  3d. Have at least one member participate in a webinar addressing a District or Conference Social Action Priority and share the information with the local organization.
Member name(s):
  3e. Have at least one member sign-up to receive the UWF Action Alerts to learn more about justice issues and share the information with the local organization.
Member name(s):
    3f. Have at least one member visit the UMC Church and Society website to obtain What You Can Do – Take Action suggestions on justice issues and share with the local organization. 
Member name(s):
    3g. Have at least one member sign up to receive Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy alerts ( and use ideas to advocate for justice.
Member name(s):
  ✶   3h. Implement or continue the Charter for Racial Justice policies by having a racial justice program, participating in a District racial justice program, or attending a Conference racial justice event, in-person or virtually. 
Resources include:;
    3i. Participate in the United Women in Faith climate justice issues with “Be Just. Be Green. 13 Steps To Sustainability” principles.
Found at under Brochures.
Describe what you did:
    4a. Add at least two new members to the roll for local circles/units with more than 15 members), or one new member for local circles/units with 15 or fewer members.
1.                                                                        2.
  4b. Have at least two members, other than a District or Conference Officer, attend a District or Conference Annual Meeting, in-person or virtual. (If ≤ 15 members – you may include one District or Conference Officer). 
1.                                                                        2.
    4c. Sponsor a young woman (age 18 - 40) to attend a District or Conference Young Womens Event, if held, in-person or virtually.  (Note: Check for available District or Conference scholarships.)
Name of attendee(s): (for your archives)
  4d. Invite a District or Conference Officer, other than one of your own members, to one of your local organization meetings during the year and/or your United Women in Faith’s Sunday, in-person or virtual.
    4e. Write to at least five mission workers, active or retired, listed in the Prayer Guide.
    4f. Have at least one member attend UWF Day at Ferrum College, if held.
  4g. Submit names of deceased members to District M,N&O Coordinator or President by deadline set by the District. (Note: Not later than Sept. 10)

  4h. Submit unit survey/census online at by date requested by national office. Use membership numbers for the previous calendar year.
Also, please advise District by August 31 or as requested by the district of those same numbers (i.e. previous calendar year):
Number of members at January 1 ______ (not required for online report to National UWF)
Number of new members added _______
Number of members lost by death or other reasons _________
Number of members at December 31 _______
  5a. Have at least one subscription to response magazine within the organization to help members stay informed of world missions and for help in planning programs. Include a “response moment” where an item from response magazine is lifted up as a way to tell a mission story.
    5b. Have at least one member, other than a District or Conference officer, attend Conference Mission Encounter (nationally called Mission u) or District Mission Celebration/Mission Encounter, if held, in-person or virtually.
(If in-person event, District or Conference officers who have paid their own way may count toward this item.)   (VA Conference:;
  5c. Select a mission institution or project which is supported (1) by funds from United Women in Faith ( )(Note: Wesley Community Service Center in Portsmouth and Justice for Our Neighbors in Annandale are National Institutions in Virginia);
or (2) by funds through the Ministry Grants of Virginia (listed in the Annual Report).  Visit and/or contribute needed resources.
Name of institution or project:
  5d. Have or participate in, in-person or virtually, at least one current mission study during the year, sponsored by a local unit/organization.
Which one:
  5e. Have at least two members complete Plan I or higher of the Reading Program.
  1.                                                             2.                                                                                
  6a. Have one or more members participate in hands-on mission such as gleaning, working at a food pantry or clothes closet, Rise Against Hunger event, bagging potatoes, etc. 
  6b. Participate in the Campaign for Children (Children’s Sabbath Sunday, public education, mentoring or tutoring programs, visit and support local schools, etc.)
Describe what you did:
    6c. Provide at least 10 UMCOR mission kits and funds for shipping for the Virginia Annual Conference (Kits for Conference)
    6d. Make a donation of goods (stamps for inmates, etc.), money (to support a prison chaplain) or service (Bible study, bell choir) to prison ministries.
Total✶ Items: Total
Qualify for a bronze, silver or gold recognition?
 Submit this form to your DISTRICT LIOP Representative
Local Organization/Church; if District Member at Large, show name of District  
Number of Members in your Local Organization  
President or Contact Person  
September 2022

News and Happenings in Our Units
Valentine Luncheon 
The United Women in Faith of Covenant United Methodist Church sponsored a Valentine Luncheon on Sunday, February 12, 2023.  All ladies of the church were invited to attend a delicious soup and salad meal.  Rev. Joel Coleman, Director of Camp Occohannock was the guest speaker and presented an informative overview of the camp and what it has to offer the members of Coastal Virginia.  Twenty individuals were in attendance.  
Covenant UWF Christmas Project
The Helping Hands Circle of Covenant United Methodist Church collected Socks, Gloves, Hats and Scarves for adults and children to help the homeless population and others who are in need.  
The bounty included 133 pairs of Socks, 65 pairs of Gloves, 22 Hats and 11 Scarves.  The items were divided and donated to the OASIS Social Ministry and the Wesley Community Service Center.
Valentine Tea
The United Women in Faith of Community United Methodist Church sponsored a Valentine Tea on Sunday, February 12th.  There were approximately 75 attendees.  Entertainment was provided by the CUMC Dan Lovelace Memorial bell ringers.  Tea and refreshments were enjoyed by all.
Housing the Homeless
Community United Methodist Church will be housing the homeless March 15-22 2023. More information is available at or contact Pastor Teresa at (757) 495-1021 /

President – Marta Pizzeck, (757)739-6491 Vice-President – Open Secretary – Florence Alferes, (757)560-3875 Treasurer – Michele Kanady, (757)645-7929 Nominations – Julie Kissell, (757)404-1783 Program Resources – Lyn McCandlish, (757)646-2318 Communications – Debi Lupton,   (757)641-2221
Education and Interpretation – Mary Arnold,
Missions – Open
Membership, Nurture & Outreach – Open Social Action - Open Spiritual Growth - Open

United Women in Faith –
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The Facebook page is United Women in Faith
Link to Reading Program -
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